Shape, Colour, Pattern, Dice - Classification Game for Cognitive Mathematical Learning (Classification Skills)

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(Classification Skills)

  • The kit consist 27 cards of 3 different patterns, colours, shape and 3 dices each for deciding pattern, shape and colour. Through this activity, children learn classification. And develop recognition skills by identifying different shape, colors and patterns. Learning to classify things, is very important pre math skill for children. This game can be played by two age groups, depending upon the number of features used.
  • For small age groups the 'shape dice' can be rolled and children can be asked to recognise and pick any one card from the nine cards of the shape that rolls up. Once children get better at normal game play, the 'colour dice' can be rolled after the 'shape dice' and children can be made to pick any one from the three cards of that particular shape and colour.
  • For older children all the three dices are rolled together and they are made to pick the unique card that corresponds with the shape, colour and pattern that rolls up on the three dices respectively. Thus at level one children can choose from 9 cards, at level two children can choose only from 3 cards, and at level three there is only correct answer.
  • Skills Enhanced: Observational Skills, Classififcatin Skills, Cognitive Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Decision Making Skills

  • The kit consists of 27 cards of 3 different patterns, colours, shape, and 3 dice for patterns, colours and shapes

  • Enables 21st-century skills of INNOVATION & PROBLEM SOLVING through Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach.
  • Triggers CURIOSITY & ignites the spark of Science and CREATIVITY in your child.
  • Improves ATTENTION SPAN & PERSEVERANCE among children in this fast-paced world of instant gratification

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