Solar Filter - Astronomical Toy For Safe Sun Viewing

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  • Millions of Indians from all walks of life safely witnessed the the Total Solar Eclipse of 1995 for the first time ever with the help of such Solar Goggles. The movement was nothing short of a scientific revolution against the superstitions surrounding Eclipses. Since then Navnirmiti Eduquality has been making safe Solar Observation an affordable reality for everyone.
  • Solar Eclipse is a wonderful celestial event that everybody should at least witness once in a lifetime. Looking directly or through improper means at the Sun can lead to temporary or permanent retinal damage.
  • Solar Goggles enable safe observation of the sun at any given time. These can hence be used to observe the sun even during a Solar Eclipse.
  • These Solar Goggles by Navnirmiti Eduquality are made from metallized polyester film that protect the eyes from harmful rays of the Sun. These can also be used to observe large sunspots, Mercury/Venus transits without the need for a telescope.
  • Tired of looking at the Solar Eclipse live on TV? Are you curious to watch it with your own eyes? Solar Goggles by Navnirmiti Eduquality make your wish come true in a safe and affordable way. 

  • The Solar Goggles made with tested metalized polyester film enable safe observation of the sun. They can be used to view the sun at any time including during solar eclipses.

  • Enables 21st century skills of INNOVATION & PROBLEM SOLVING through Project Based Learning (PBL) approach.
  • Triggers CURIOSITY & ignites the spark of Science and CREATIVITY in your child.
  • Improves ATTENTION SPAN & PERSEVERANCE among children in this fast paced world of instant gratification

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